About Us

Thank you for your interest in Wholesome Supplements, where quality meets affordability. The founders, Luke Markell and Brianna Markell, used CBD and had life changing results. The number one problem with CBD is that it was too expensive. Too many people in need couldn't afford it so we set out with one mission, to make high quality CBD affordable for every American. Buy some today and support our family owned and operated business.

Meet The Owners

Luke Markell

Hello, my name is Luke Markell. I am a Christian first, a husband to my wife second, a father to my children third, and an American fourth. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and enjoy making new friends. We love everything outdoors! Getting around and enjoying God's Earth just about pleases me more than anything. My wife Brianna and I decided to start Wholesome CBD because of the very positive life changing results we experienced by using cannabidiol (CBD). About eight years ago I hurt my back extremely bad resulting in two herniated discs (L5, S1). My doctor told me that if I ever want to walk again I'll need surgery! I refused to believe that and after five months of the most humbling experience of my life, I found a sports medicine / family practitioner that had me walking only 30 days later. Another month and I was back to work! Although my back still went out every month I was determined to get better by continuing with my stretches he had me do. I looked forward keeping a positive attitude by focusing on the good people and good things in my life. Four hard years went by like that. It was a difficult way to live but I was very grateful to get around for most of the days out of each month.

Then I discovered CBD and it changed my life. I started using CBD and my back didn't go out again for more than two years! Not once! To me, it was a miracle. Each month I was waiting for it to go out again and it didn't. I know CBD works differently for everyone but I was amazed that CBD worked so good for me. After a couple of weeks using CBD I remember telling people that it feels like a knife was removed from my back! After 2 months I was enjoying life so much more and spending more time with my kids doing a lot outdoor activities. I don't want to perceive a false hope for anyone because CBD works differently for everyone but the reason we started a Wholesome CBD is because of the results we experienced with hope that others will have similar results!

One time I was at my Dad's house talking with him about how CBD changed my life. I told him that based on my results, I believe that a large portion of Americans will be using CBD by 2025 if prices become more affordable. Right then and there my wife and I decided that we would start an organic CBD company that will bring high quality products that are affordable to the market. We made a commitment to become servants to our community as we pave a way to provide higher quality CBD to people across this great land. Thank you very much for taking time to learn a little more about us.

Our Location

1400 S. Milford Rd. Highland, MI 48357

Our Products

  • Made in U.S.A¬†- All Ingredients are American Made. All products are manufactured in Michigan.
  • Organic Ingredients - ¬†Our hemp is organically grown in the U.S.A. Many additional ingredients are USDA Certified Organic.
  • Product Versatility - We offer Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum (THC-Free) and Isolate CBD extracts along with a wide variety of CBD products to choose from. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†


Organic Tinctures

We manufacture 54 tincture variations between flavors, CBD strength's, and CBD extracts.  

    1. Flavors: Mint, Spearmint, Cherry, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Orange Cream, Grape, Lemon, Mango, and Cherry.
    2. CBD Strengths: 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg.
    3. CBD Extracts: Full Spectrum and THC-Free.

Organic Sleep Tinctures

Recommended for people who want a natural sleep aid

  1. Flavor: Mint
  2. CBD + CBN Strengths: 1000mg, 2500mg and 5000mg
  3. CBD Extracts: Full Spectrum & THC-Free

Organic Salve Jars

We carry 8 salve variations between CBD strengths and CBD extracts.              

  1. Cooling or Cooling/Warming
  2. CBD Strengths: 600mg and 1500mg.
  3. CBD Extracts: Full Spectrum and THC-Free.

Organic Salve Sticks

We carry 12 salve stick variations between CBD strengths and CBD extracts.

  1. Cooling or Cooling/Warming
  2. CBD Strengths: 600mg, 1500mg, 4000mg.
  3. CBD Extracts: Full Spectrum and THC-Free.

Water Soluble - Nano Emulsified CBD

This is the only CBD that is formulated to put into food and beverages.          

  1. CBD Strength: 4000mg
  2. CBD Extracts:  Water-Soluble

Organic Pets Tincture 

  1. Flavors: Chicken or Bacon
  2. CBD Strengths: 500mg, 1000mg and 5000mg.
  3. CBD Extracts: Full Spectrum

Organic Lotion

Our Organic Whipped Body Butter comes in a 6oz jar.

  1. CBD Strengths: 300mg
  2. CBD Extracts: Full Spectrum


1. Supplement: Energy and Sleep

2. CBD Strength: 900mg

3. Quantity: 30

4. CBD Extract: THC-Free

Bath Bombs

1. Scent: Lavender, Eucalyptus and Orange

2. CBD Strength: 60mg

3. CBD Extract: THC-Free

Fizzy Drink Tablets 

1. Flavor: Lemon & Raspberry

2. CBD Strength: 450mg

3. Quantity: 15

4. CBD Extract: THC-Free

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