Don't Add CBD to Your Food and Drinks Unless it's Water Soluble CBD

APR 5, 2020

CBD Should Be Water Soluble When added to a Beverage

...If it isn't water soluble then you are wasting your money in a huge way! A little knowledge goes a long way, so get some:

A Refreshing Way to Use CBD!

If you’ve ever asked yourself how you can take a more natural approach to wellness in life, the answer is Water Soluble CBD! It goes great in food and coffee with minimal resistance from your first pass metabolism.

Water Soluble CBD

CBD is becoming popular among fitness and health consciences communities for it’s array of natural physiological and psychological benefits. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are only a few practical ways to administer CBD oil properly when it’s not Water Soluble. These are as follows: transdermally (through the skin), sublingually (under the tongue), and buccally (between your lips and gums). When traditional CBD is swallowed, studies show that at best, only 20% of the CBD goes into the body due to first pass metabolism. Yikes, that's a huge loss! First pass metabolism is a way for the body to reduce plant base drugs and supplements concentration before they reach systemic circulation. Therefore, currently the most common way to allow CBD to enter your bloodstream is by using a tincture. By dropping the oil under your tongue, you allow for it to be absorbed by a profusion of capillaries connected to the mucous membrane beneath your tongue and around your gums. Yup that's right, drop it under your tongue, not in your coffee. But due how simple it is to use Water Soluble CBD, it will soon boost the CBD market. You can simply put a scoop of it in your coffee, orange juice, or even in your pancake and cookie batter. The list goes on and on, as far as your imagination can run with the numerous possibilities of instilling wellness into your daily life with Water Soluble CBD.

How does Water Soluble bypass the First Pass Metabolism?

If you plan on swallowing CBD then it better be Water Soluble. How does Water Soluble CBD bypass first pass metabolism anyways? Well, the Water Soluble discovery is all in great thanks to Emulsifiers, also known as surfactants (Surface Active Agents). A carrier oil is homogenized with CBD then introduced to a wide range of temperature. Surfactants are mixed with the solution to stabilize the hydrophobic, or water fearing, CBD (course emulsion). The course emulsion is put in a high pressure emulsifier machine to create small stable droplets that are about 250nm in size. The hydrophobic CBD molecules bond with the hydrophobic tails of the emulsifier molecules while the head of the same emulsifier molecules are content passing by any hydrophilic solution. At this point your body recognizes that this compound can go past your first pass metabolism and makes the bioavailability at least 5 times more attainable!

Wholesome Supplements Water Soluble CBD

Wholesome Supplement’s Water Soluble CBD is easy to use and has all natural ingredients. It is a concentrated form of CBD specifically designed for the beverage, food, wellness industries and many more. We combine the highest quality CBD with maltodextrin which is a GRAS vegetable starch used in food that has a sweet taste. This combination makes serving it easy and very tasty! There are not any parabens, sodium benzoate, or any harmful preservatives. All you do is put 1/8th of a teaspoon (25mgs CBD) of the Nano Emulsified Water Soluble CBD into a beverage or food, stir, then enjoy!

Written by Luke Markell

Co-Founder of Wholesome CBD and Supplements

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